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Got a match? Good, you’ll need one. Set the mood with a palo santo and let the healing process begin.

  • Sustainably sourced from South America.

  • Each palo measures approx. 10 x 1 cm (size may vary depending on stock).

  • Kit includes three palo santo wrapped in eco-friendly twine.

Rich in essential oils, these premium palo santo are perfect for smudging sessions, readings, or Netflix and chill sessions. As a remedy used for centuries, palo santo have the power to cleanse, purify, and recharge.

How to use:

  • Light at an angle, until a flame ignites

  • Blow the flame out after 30-45 seconds (palo santo should produce a slight, glowing ember followed by a stream of smoke)

  • Hold the palo santo in your hand and walk around your room of choice to fill your space with positive, radiating energy OR place it on a safe burning dish (as seen in the pictures)

  • Repeat if needed


*DISCLAIMER: Responsible use only. Products are flammable. Keep out of reach of pets and children. If under the age of 18, adult supervision recommended. Use in well ventilated areas. Not recommended for those with respiratory conditions. Please consult your medical provider before use if sensitive to smells. LUNAA is not responsible for damages or events that occur with misuse.